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I think you can buy just bricks… It seems like you should be able to!!

I mean, you would think, right?

I’m looking to get some soon lol. So I’m looking on Toys “R” Us and Target to see what they have. Pretty much everything I see are like, sets. I just want like a 1000 piece random collection. Is that too much to ask? lol

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Her questions:

1) What is your life about? Achieving my goals and being happy with who I am

2) Favorite youtuber? Mmm Jenna Marbles, though I don’t watch much on YouTube

3) Look at everything you have on right now. What is your favorite item? My glasses.

4) What are you doing tomorrow? Breakfast with my parents, and watching my pups. Might have a friend over. Who knows..

5) Who are you dying to see in concert? My boys, Green Day. I’ve seen them before, but it will never be enough.

6) Favorite Tumblr? That’s seriously so hard to choose.. my most reblogged from though is http://ordinarytoextraordinary.tumblr.com/ 

7) What show should I start watching? Big Brother! :D

8) Favorite episode of your favorite show? Tough. I honestly loved the series finale of House though. I’m kind of blanking on the rest of it though..

9) What is the worst job you ever had? I’ve only had one job, and I love it.

10) Worst gift you ever received? Monica, what’s with the worsts? lol Umm.. I liked ducks quite a lot when I was like, 9. Up until two years ago, my grandmother always gave me stuffed ducks at every holiday. It was awful.

11) Who would you do? Umm.. lol

My questions!

1) Biggest pet peeve?

2) Favorite book?

3) Favorite super hero?

4) What would you do if you were the opposite sex for one day?

5) What are you usually doing at 2 in the afternoon?

6) Do you play video games? Are you any good?

7) Favorite meal of the day?

8) Do you want kids someday?

9) What are things you’ve dressed as for Halloween?

10) Best gift you’ve ever given?

11) Favorite flavor of Poptarts?

Just do it. You can tag me back, but don’t expect new questions :P

helloimincolorado replied to your photo: This is my life right now.

I see no problems here.

There were absolutely no problems :) It was delicious.

4. Handwrite your tumblr crushes.

4. Handwrite your tumblr crushes.